Saturday, March 13, 2010

Intuit Turbotax Upate II

Well the Washington Post finally got around to doing a review: Tax-preparation software from TurboTax and H&R Block have drawbacks, benefits.

As previously discussed, Intuit is not a company that operates in a clean transparent manner since it uses Orwellian Newspeak to hide the true meaning of its actions. Rob Pegararo noted: "Shockingly enough, Intuit has lobbied states offering free online tax preparation to switch to the IRS "free file" model, in which the government cedes the field to private companies that promise to offer tax-prep tools at no charge to people below a certain income level. ... So not only does the hideously complex tax code force us to use software to perform a basic job of citizenship, it's given rise to the sickening spectacle of the vendors of this software asking governments to write laws locking in their business. This needs to end."

Also see: Intuit Lobbying The Government To Make It More Difficult To File Your Tax Returns and Turbo Tax maker Intuit, again, is mired in political turmoil. Anthony York of Capitol Weekly wrote: "While Intuit, makers of the popular Turbo Tax software program, has largely tried to remain behind the scenes in the state’s political battles, their five-year long crusade to eliminate the state’s free tax-filing system, Ready Return, essentially brought business in the Capitol to a stand-still." (emphasis added).

The Post also ran a companion article: How to calculate the AMT, a tax we love to hate. The significance of this article is that it draw attention to known problem that seemingly never gets fixed. I periodically see our Democratic and Republican Congressmen speak of having a solution so they can get some face time in the news, but a solution never materializes. Our politicians claim to be working on behalf of the American people, clearly they are not.

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