Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Isn't the Political "Right" Creating Jobs???

The Washington Post on June 20, 2011 had this article: Scott Walker finds making bumper stickers is easier than creating jobs. The significance of this article is that highlights the extreme schizophrenia of the political "right".  On one hand the political "right" claims that the government is evil and stifles business.  Without any apparent recognition of their hypocrisy the political "right" goes on to demand with extreme arrogance that government create a business environment that fosters job growth by cutting so-called impediments such as regulations that protect the consumer.

Instead of laying perpetual blame on the government, why isn't the political "right" stepping up to take the leadership role in job creation?  Where are the entrepreneurs? Why aren't Jobs, Gates, Buffets creating job opportunities? After all this is what the private sector is supposed to be good at.

The reason that the private sector is laying people off and creating unemployment is that they have no need of non-productive employees. Yet they claim that the government must create unnecessary jobs to benefit the corporations.  Translation: "Corporate Welfare".  Gee, I thought the private sector was against welfare.

This insanity will continue. I will bet that if the government rolls over as demanded to create make work jobs that the private sector will continue with their mind numbing zombie mantra that the government is wasting millions of tax dollars having people do useless work.  I guess you just can't win.

Should the political "right" wish to restore some credibility to their claims that government should stay out of business, then they should take the responsibility to create jobs themselves. After all isn't it the claim of the political "right" that government does not create wealth and that it is the private sector that creates wealth. If that is true, when will the political "right" put its foot where its mouth is and start creating jobs?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Creating Jobs

On the way home from work today we happened to have the local talk radio station on.  I was pleasantly surprised by the statement that the responsibility of government is to provide a level business playing field; not job creation.  Normally this talk radio person espouses the government is evil mantra.  But his comments today did display some introspection that government should not be in involved in promoting job creation.  Too many of those on the political  "right" who claim to want smaller government unbelievably seem to accept the proposition that government should have so-called programs for stimulating employment and business growth.  That is wrong.  For those who want small government and claim to be capitalists, I would argue that the private sector needs to take the lead and responsibility  in creating jobs. I fully agree with the premise that one of the roles of government is to establish a level playing field for business competition.

As a clarification aside.  I would not have problems with government hiring people for public sector jobs, such as highway construction.  I would have a problem when companies receive tax incentives to hire employees.  That is a form of corporate welfare.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sand Castles

We went to the beach after the Memorial Weekend crowds left.  While walking on the beach we saw several sand castles in the tidal zone.  Soon to be washed away.

A lot of time and effort went into creating these pieces of intricate art work.  I'm sure that many people who visited the beach enjoyed seeing the sand castles. This casual trip to the beach documents that people will create without the expectation of ever getting paid.  The fulfillment comes from the creativity itself.