Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Criticism of the Technology Liberation Front

I've had several posts critical of the The Technology Liberation Front. Ryan Radia has provided a very good reply. I had written: "I would hope that the TLF would take a greater interest in exposing these unfortunate laws."

That's a fair point. Unfortunately, however, threats to liberty are abundant while TLFers (and cyberlibertarians in general) are all too scarce. As a group, we're admittedly not perfect when it comes to being "equal opportunity" critics of infringements on freedom. But like most group blogs, our areas of focus are in large part determined by the expertise and interests of our contributors. And from time to time TLFers do touch on some of the issues you raise (Cord's discussion of the Special 301 Watchlist and Jerry's recent post on ACTA, for instance).
I look forward to more TLF posts invoking "equal opportunity" criticism.

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