Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Belkin Bad - APC Good

We had a Belkin Uninterpretable Power Supply (UPS). A few year ago our house was zapped by lighting which destroyed the electronics in our house, including the Belkin UPS. Of course you can't blame the Belkin UPS for failing in the face of a lightening strike. Belkin honored its warranty and replaced the unit. But I noticed something odd???

It turned out that WindowsXP no longer recognized the UPS. The box plainly said "compatible with Windows". To make a long story short, after several frustrating and time consuming experiments and talking to Belkin technical support it dawned on me that they modified the UPS so it would only work with Windows if Belkin's proprietary software was installed! Of course that was never disclosed in their brochure.

The prior UPS had worked just fine, so I was quite disappointed with this "downgrade".

Today, the Belkin UPS failed. Rather than deal with getting another warranty replacement, I went out an bought an APC UPS. Once again, Windows recognizes the UPS. The moral of this experience, proprietary products suck.

I should also mention, that in registering the APC UPS, that the box for send me all your junk mail was actually NOT checked. Its good to see when a company clearly recognizes that you may not want to receive junk mail. Another positive, we have another APC UPS and we were able to go to Radio Shack and get a standard replacement battery.

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