Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reflections on the 2012 Presidential Election

Obama won. The Republicans are cowering in their bunkers wondering how this could possibly have happened. The easy answer: demographics. The Republicans no longer projected a relevant message to the electorate. The Democrats are gleefully rubbing the loss in through derogatory proclamations that the corrupt racist white boy network is dying off of old age. (Not exactly a gracious action by the wining side. It would also seem to poison future consensus building.)

But it is not that simple. Demographics explain a lot, but both the Republican and Democratic parties have evolved over time too. Unfortunately in a negative direction. In a Washington Post opinion article: "The GOP has lost its way. Here’s how it can return to its roots" Mr. Shirley offers an unintended clue that goes beyond the obvious demographics.

Mr. Shirley mistakenly writes: "Since the time of the New Deal, the Democratic Party has been organized around the philosophy of justice. And since Reagan remade the GOP beginning in early 1981, the party had been organized around the concept of freedom."

Republicans, since Reagan have NOT been organized around "freedom".  Over the years the Republicans, like the Democrats, have eroded civil liberties.  The major difference is that the Republicans promoted deregulation, supply side economics, and unwarranted tax cuts which culminated in the economic crash of 2008.

The Democrats are NO longer about justice (depending on various convoluted interpretations). The original intent back in the 1960s was to guarantee equal rights supported through the rule of law. A laudable goal. Now, the Democrats no longer stand for equal rights, but for extra rights to those designated as somehow oppressed. The rule-of-law (justice) has been bastardized to the point that it is now almost meaningless not to mention that the application of the law, when done, can be arbitrary and capricious. For example the Washington Post wrote an editorial supporting race based admissions at college. The boils down to using racism to end racism??? Very Orwellian.  Truly ludicrous if we are to have lawful equal rights.

Moving on, Obama won, because he was able to successfully formulate a coalition of those who feel that they are entitled to those extra civil rights, plus other government supplied benefits. The significance of Obama's election and reelection is that the electorate is moving the US towards being a welfare state where the Nanny State (government) will take care of you.

The Democrats may be gleeful that those evil racist white boys are dying off. And based on the changing demographics each election may be easier for them. But be careful of what you ask for. The Democrats need to reflect on the negative implications of creating a "lawless" welfare state. Like the Republican Party, the Democratic Party of today is a pathetic reflection of the past.

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