Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Obama's "Gifts"

O'Reilly talking points memo of November 19, 2012. The significance of Bill O'Reilly's Fox video memo is that he clearly articulates that Obama won the votes of those who would financially benefit through this reelection. Romney was consequently vilified by both the "left" and "right" for remarking that Obama's "gifts"cost Romney the election, which it did. It is unfortunate that words (in an election) can be manipulated and totally blown out or proportion to incite a mob mentality that destroys a candidate. No wonder candidates seek "vanilla" language that obscures what they truly mean.

The link to that Fox News video embed in the title: Liberals and conservatives ganging up on Mitt Romney (November 19, 2012).  Seems that embedding the Fox video is not working. Found a YouTube video which is embed  below. Not as good quality though.

Also see this Washington Post article: "Ever-increasing tax breaks for U.S. families eclipse benefits for special interests"
"The number of tax breaks has nearly doubled since the last major tax overhaul 25 years ago, with lawmakers adding new benefits for children, college tuition, retirement savings and investment. At the same time, some long-standing breaks have exploded in value, such as the deduction for mortgage interest and the tax-free treatment of health-insurance premiums paid by employers. All told, federal taxpayers last year received $1.08 trillion in credits, deductions and other perks while paying $1.09 trillion in income taxes, according to government estimates."
"These tax breaks weave an invisible web of government benefits that now costs nearly as much as the Pentagon and all other federal agencies combined. "

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