Monday, March 14, 2011

Disigenous Business Practices

In the scheme of things this is a really really small issue. But then this blog is about casual observations. In the scheme of things this is another example of disingenuous business practices used to make a sale. Basically, businesses seem to be under the assumption that it is acceptable to lie and cheat in order to make a sale. Ok, lets be a bit nicer and say "stretch the truth".

Of course, to toss in the so-called "intellectual property" angle, if you do something equally disingenuous, you are considered a criminal.  Logically, if a business feels they can mislead you, you should have an "equal' right to mislead them.  Anarchy will result.  If businesses want a business friendly environment that protects them with minimal regulation, they shouldn't do misleading actions.  Remember free-will.  They don't have to do it. There is something known as self-restraint. If they don't feel obligated to be responsible, they deserve the "oppressive business damaging" regulations that they so anguishly whine about.

What is particularly galling in this situation is that a University is sending you something on their letterhead that they present to you as an "official" communication that turns out to be nothing more than a sleazy sales pitch. Since we have had our kids in college for over the past six years we have received numerous such examples. 

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