Sunday, March 20, 2011

Balanced Budget Amendment Circus

Festering in the background of our unimaginable deficit spending orgy is the resurrection of a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. On the surface this sounds reasonable, but in realty it is nothing more than pure political theater.  It is a distraction from the fact that our congress people are simply not doing their job of being fiscally responsible.

Logically, if Congress cannot balance the budget now; how would a piece of paper with some ink on it motivate them to implement a balanced budget.  It won't.

Congress has a propensity to pass laws that appear strict but turnout to be toothless.  Should any balanced budget amendment pass I predict that it would contain an "escape" clause of some form that would allow Congress to declare some sort of "emergency" so that they can continue spending without restraint. 

The answer is electing Congressional people who will do their job of running the country in a fiscally responsible manner. A piece of paper will not magically transform irresponsible politicians into responsible decision makers.

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