Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank-You JVC

Well, if a company comes through, you should publicly thank them.  It wasn't easy though.  We had to pursue a warranty return.  The JVC Support page seems to have an option for submitting a warranty repair request.  Alas, there is no option for actually submitting a warranty repair request.  To purchase a part; yes. Seems incredibly inefficient and outdated that a major company such as JVC wouldn't have a way to submit a warranty repair request.

There is an online form that you can submit, but JVC never responded.  I made several submissions of that form.  Eventually, I pressed on and called their Customer Care Center at 800-252-5722.  I was expecting the usual automated telephone menus that prevents you from talking to a real live person.  After a few fitful instances of number punching, I did reach a live person and that live person took the repair order. I just received my part.  Success. Amazing!

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