Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Republican Governor of Florida Comes Out In Support of Obama Care

Just a tease headline that points to one of those priceless Faux Paws where the speaker does not really comprehend what he or she is actually saying.  In this case, Fox and Friends had the Republican Governor of Florida speak on behalf of a judge's ruling overturning Obama Care. Naturally, as a Republican, Governor Rick Scott talked about the unconstitutionally of Obama Care and that it created an unfunded mandate by the Federal Government for the State of Florida to provide enhanced Medicaid.

At this point, Governor Scott dropped his little bomb shell.  He stated that the "correct" solution was for the Federal Government to provide the State of Florida with a "Block Grant". Translation, the Federal Government should give the State of Florida free money.

So here we have a Republican Governor who is ostensibly in favor of smaller government, fiscal responsibility, State's rights, freedom of choice, and no increased taxes demanding free money from the Federal Government.  Amazing, a Republican seeking perpetuation of the welfare state.

To be fair to Governor Scott, unfunded mandates are wrong. What Governor Scott, should have done, to follow the Republican mantra, was to explain how the State of Florida without Federal assistance would have internally met or modified the Medicaid challenge. 

Oh by the way, with our huge Federal deficit, where is this free "Block Grant" money going to come from? After all according to the Republicans we can't raise taxes, we must be fiscally responsible, and we must wean ourselves from dependence on the Federal Government.

Thank-you Governor Scott for publicly demonstrating that even though you claim that you are against "big" government that you don't mind insisting on getting your own free money earmark from "big" government.

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