Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton's US Supreme Court Will Obsolete the Rule-Of-law

Be afraid, very afraid of Hillary Clinton's possible justice appointments to the US Supreme Court. Hillary, based on her remarks, will propose to nominate justices who will not use the Constitution as the legal standard of review for making decisions. Note, in the video below, the absence any reference to the Constitution by Hillary. What she does (falsely) claim is that the Court is supposed to "stand on the side of the American" people whatever that means.  For a politician, such as Hillary, this is just disingenuous "smoke and mirrors".

The implication of Hillary's response is that she would nominate justices who would not make legal decisions based on the US Constitution. Instead, a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court would; on her subjective assertion that she desires a Court that represents "all Americans", that she will nominate justices who will simply issue decisions based on the political objectives of the Democratic party.

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