Saturday, November 1, 2014

Finally - Science Fiction Magazine Database Ported to Linux

Finally, I have the Science Fiction magazine database working under Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 and LibreOffice Now I no longer need MS Access for maintaining the database. Completing it has proven to have been more complicated and taken a lot longer than expected. Steep learning curve. Prior posts on this topic.

I do not anticipate embellishing the current rendition, even though it is quite rudimentary.  The next phase will be learning PHP, HTML, and CSS so that the magazine database can be accessed through a web browser. Another multi-year extravaganza?

This project is pretty much a learning experience effort. Much of the data can be readily found on "The Internet Speculative Fiction Database". I would not have been able put this project together without the assistance provide by the "Access2Base" website and the volunteers at the "Apache Open Office Forum". Thank-you.

The Main Form

"Show Author Stories" button pressed.
When the "Show Author Stories" button is pressed, all stories associated with that author are displayed, even if in magazines other than Analog.

"Find an Author" button pressed.
When the button "Find an Author" is pressed, you can initiate a search to display all stories associated with authors possessing the search string.

"Find a Story" button pressed.

When the button "Find a Story" is pressed, all stories containing the search string will be displayed.

"Add an Author" button pressed.

Occasionally, stories have more than one author. The form above allows traditional authors to be assigned to a story.

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