Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Windows XP End-of-Life - The Linux Alternative

With Microsoft retiring support of Windows XP, the Internet has been awash with discussions concerning what to do next. The typical uninspired response is to migrate to a newer version of MS Windows. But there are other options to MS Windows, Linux for example.

Should you be wondering what to do with your Windows XP computer, look into Linux.  Linux, for the vast majority of applications, is just as good as Windows and it is also free. One place to start would be LinuxQuestions.org. I would encourage you to investigate Linux to determine whether it would be a suitable replacement for MS Windows.  You have nothing to loose and you may find Linux to be a superior operating system.  Good-Luck.

PS: Leave a similar post on your blog to "crowd-source" Linux as a suitable replacement for MS Windows.

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