Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fox News Interviews Bashar Al Assad, President of Syria

On September 18, 2013, Fox News interviewed Bashar Al Assad, the President of Syria.  Click here to access the YouTube video: Bashar Al Assad Fox News FULL Interview 9/18/2013.

Alternatively, the video can be accessed through this New York Times article: "Syria Releases Video of Fox News Interview With Assad".

The positive news is that a Western news station actually took the effort to seek out the the viewpoint of the Syrian government. Every story has two sides, unfortunately, most of the Western media seems to be comfortable with regurgitating propaganda as released by the US Government instead of independently verifying who is telling the truth.

A disappointment with the interview is that even-though the interviewers acknowledged that there is no proof that the Assad regime used the chemical weapons, nearly every question was asked within the context that it was the Assad regime that used the chemical weapons. A very unfair interview approach.

Who is telling the truth?  I don't know, but the US has had a history of not telling the truth itself. Most recently, others have questioned Kerry's death toll figures, which appear inflated. Previously, Collin Powell infamously claimed that Weapons of Mass Destruction existed in Iraq before the UN on February 5, 2013. Then there was the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Given these prior lapses in truthfulness, the interviewers should never have pushed questions on Assad based on supposed "facts" provided by the US Government. Maybe, someday, we will learn who used the chemical weapons.

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