Saturday, March 2, 2013

Feeling the Obama Fiscal Pain

Seems that Obama wants you to be very aware of the "pain", yet Obama fails to propose a solution. I was going to include this article in the prior post, but couldn't find it. Now, it has popped-up once again in the the Washington Post. "White House estimates of state-by-state impacts of sequestration".  This article, as with others, exposes Obama's disingenuous manipulation of the sequester debate. 

Instead of preparing a blow by blow account of the fiscal "pain" to be inflicted by the sequester, the Obama administration should have prepared a draft 2014 budget proposal and submitted it the House. The Budget proposal is now a month late. Since Obama is displeased with the sequester, it is his responsibility to offer his "smart scalpel" solution in that budget proposal. Instead of taking the leadership and initiative to offer a budgetary solution, Obama simply raises the specter of fear and financial Armageddon.

Obama has repeatedly stated that he is "above politics", that he is "transparent", that we have tough painful decisions to make. Where is the overdue legally required draft 2014 budget proposal that would suggest the tough painful decisions to be implemented?

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