Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Republican Debate (9/7/2011)

Yawn.  Very disappointing.

When asked about Federal social service programs, the Republican candidates, instead of lambasting entitlement programs, responded with what amounted to the euphemistic term "tough love".  Several of them expounded glowingly of helping the disadvantaged. I almost thought they were Democrats.

To give a positive nod to the Republicans, the moderators purposely asked the candidates divisive questions to get the candidates to disparage each other.  Newt Gingrich once again chastised the moderators that those types of questions were inappropriate. Very disappointing questions by the moderators.

On jobs, the candidates once again regurgitated the tired mantra that government suppresses job growth, yet they touted their job creation acumen as governors and asserted that as President that they would create jobs. So on one hand the "evil" government should stay out of the private sector, but with the next breath they assert that government centralized economic planning, similar to that employed by the failed USSR, is somehow good. And these guys claim to know economics? 

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