Saturday, July 2, 2011

Deficit Allegory - Theater of the Abusrd

Obama's proposed budget is nothing but smoke and mirrors to promote a "bread and circuses" economy.  Unfortunately some in the news media seems to be deficient in the critical analytical skills necessary to expose what is happening. Maybe some these individuals lack the to will to be independent and prefer to blindly regurgitate the Democratic party line.

Obama is the head of a household.  The household previously budgeted $20,000 for a brand new shiny car that they were looking forward to for a nice summer road-trip vacation.  Obama happens by a car dealership and sees a $50,000 car they he just has to have for his trips to the golf course.  After hearing of this revised plan, the household gets a bit testy and insists on a more reasonable solution.  In the spirit of comprise, Obama goes out and buys a new $30,000 car suitable for his trips to the golf course claiming that he has now saved the household $20,000.

 Not mentioned, Obama has still spent $10,000 more than originally proposed.  As for the household, they never will get their summer road-trip vacation.  It is unfortunate that some elements of the news media remain silent concerning this blatant "bait and switch".

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