Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama's Illusionary Defict Reduction Plan

The Washington Post is reporting today that the "Obama administration tries to reassure public on plans to cut deficit".  The article even had glowing images of him before a crowd proclaiming the need to resolve the deficit problem. Well, if Obama is going before the public to "sell" his plan, he must really have one.  Where is it?  To bad, the Post article was nothing more than Orwellian Newspeak.

If Obama is going before the American public to sell a deficit reduction plan, one would think that the Post would demand some real facts so that Obama's proposals for so-called deficit reduction could actually be analyzed.  Seems that the Post reporters are more concerned with portraying a "positive" image of Obama rather than analyzing his vacuous assertions of deficit reduction.

Well even though the "left hand" of Post did not give Obama a critical examination, the "right hand" of the Post did provide the graphic below. To be fair, the graphic probably does not take account Obama's undisclosed plans concerning how he would actually reduce the deficit.  All I can say, from what I have read is that there is no real proposal to reduce the debt. Obama's assertions of deficit reduction are illusionary. We have a "Bread and Circuses" economy to simply win votes from the masses, not to solve our deficit problem.

PS: Looks like my April 14th guesstimate: "Obama's "savings" would result in an approximate debt of $22.6 trillion dollars." is pretty close to the graph above.

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