Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Guest Blog

I'm not really a fixture on this blog, obviously, but I thought I would share something I found on the Instructables website.

...Still, I'm not sure how this is anymore dangerous than just carrying home a LP bottle from the hardware store for your BBQ grill.

It sure seems like in this "sue-happy" age in which only EXPERTS do anything, that the average person has just become a "consumer" instead of a person interested in the world around them and wanting to invent and create. -- Bennelson from Plug-in Car Instructable

Now I know that my writing here tends to be a lot of cut and paste, but I wholeheartedly agree with that quotation. I also believe that the existence of Instructables and other DiY sites shows that there are still some people out there willing to invent and create and solve their own problems by hook or by crook. Good for them!

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