Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fiscal Responsiblity? Your Kidding

Today, Rep. Mike Pence, R-Indiana appeared on CNBC. In short, he mindlessly regurgitated the unoriginal mantra of of tax relief with fiscal responsibility. Nice goal, but how do you achieve it?

Representative Pence does not say how. The obvious implication is that if we reduce the "onerous" tax burden then we will need to cut government spending. Will he cut the military? Will he cut social security? Will he cut infrastructure spending? Will the aged be kicked out of nursing homes? Will he eliminate school lunch programs? My mind gleefully spun-on.

Given this upwelling of questions in my mind, what really triggered me to write is that our esteemed journalists failed to follow-up with the obvious question: "Well Representative Pence what said sounds great, now how do you propose to provide tax relief and balance the budget?"

So when will our "journalists" return to real reporting and dig deep into story? We have had too many politicians promise unrealistic goals without the scrutiny that they explain how it will be accomplished.

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