Monday, September 28, 2009

Legalizing Theft - The New Capitalism

When I came home for lunch I turned on CNBC's Power Lunch as was surprised to see them interview Michael Moore who just released a new movie: "Capitalism: A Love Story". I was pleasantly surprised by his statements that we have lost our moral compass and that capitalism today is perceived as a means of "legalized theft".

I don't think that Mike fully understands capitalism and several of this comments are off base. Nevertheless I am pleased that he was given this airtime to present his viewpoint. My belief is that we are into corporatism. Our elected leaders today, seem to be nothing more than shills for the corporate interests that they represent. The result, our laws are of, by, and for the corporations. I hope that you will an opportunity to read my other post under Economics. There are some good Dilbert strips!

PS: This is my first attempt at embedding a video. Need to figure out how to eliminate the unused white space.

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