Thursday, March 12, 2009

Civil War Sites and GPS

Recently we bought a Garmin Nuvi 650. Since buying it we have learned that you can create a "Point of Interest File" (POI). Since January 2009 we have been collecting North Carolian GPS data locations for various Civil War historical markers, museums, whatever. Starting from Morehead City, we have been slowly spiralling our way outwards. The data is based on the maps produced by to assist people who wish to visit these sites. The hardcopy maps, while helpful are no where near as accurate as a GPS unit. The North Carolina maps are located here: Front of Map Back of Map.

While visiting New Bern, we recorded the location of the Attmore-Oliver House. After getting home I typed the coordinates into Google maps and I was pleasantly surprised by a street view image that showed the house and historical marker.
Here are the coordinates: 35.10716 -77.0425

The GPS data collected so far as a POI file is stored here: North Carolina Civil War Trails. The file is free for the taking. I am hoping that this will become a community activity. If you are in North Carolina, have a GPS, and visit any of these sites, I hope that you would be able to email the coordinates. My email address is linked to my user ID on the download page.

Actually, the submitted Civil War data doesn't have to be limited to North Carolina. But for now, it makes more sense to focus on North Carolina. But, I will take all.

This is a personal project, I am not affiliated with

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