Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kudos to the Washington Post

Rob Pegoraro writes in the Washington Post: "Apple's DRM Breaks MacBook Movie-Download Viewing" Rob exposes the flaws of DRM to his readers. Specifically that DRM adds no value to the consumer and, in fact, deprives the consumer of his/her ability to use their legally bought products.

The Post has been one of the better papers when it comes to holistically reporting on a product. Too many papers, including computer magazines, only seem to regurgitate a corporate press release touting all the new bells and whistles of a product conviently ignoring the downside issues. The consumer needs to be fully informed. Thanks Rob!
Updated 11/25/2008: Here is an article from the Electronic Frontier Foundation "Apple Downgrades Macbook Video with DRM". Fred Von Lohmann also wrote "When you buy DRMd content, the vendor can snatch your investment from you at anytime."

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