Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finally got around to it.

After three years, I finally got around to setting this up. The major benefit of this blog will be my ability to further explore issues of interest. Specifically, issues related to the continued abuse of copyright law and patent law. One of my basic themes will be the refutation of the necessity for "stronger" copyright and patent laws to protect so-called property rights. What is seldom acknowledged publicly is that the end-user of a product when they purchase it acquires a property right to the use of that product. However, the current trend in copyright law and patent law has been the aggrandizement of the so-called right of the product manufacturer to control the product post-sale. This deprives the consumers of their historic property right to use the products as they wish. Or to say this differently, the content producers are continuing to successfully lobby Congress to change the law to their benefit by criminalizing formerly legal uses. This gets into a whole new realm of legal and ethical issues. Enough for now.

Other expected topics would include the environment, science fiction, amateur radio, my masochistic relationship with Microsoft ACCESS, and my extremely slow never ending transition from Windows to LINUX.

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Patrick Mullen said...

Very clean-looking Blog Steve!

I will be keeping an eye on it.