Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Further Confirmation that Voter Fraud Exists and that the Presidential Election Was "Stolen" by the Democrats

Two news items further support the contention that voter frauds exists that would allow one to assume that the Democrats "stole" the 2020 Presidential election. In the first story: Gavin Newsom recall petition succeeds in California.

The significance of the first story is that when those in power want to "validate" an election, in this case the recall petition that they oppose, they will go to extremes to verify the signatures submitted (ballots) in the hope of the petition failing. According to the article: "California Secretary of State Shirley Weber announced that 1.6 million of the 2.1 million signatures submitted to recall the Democrat Newsom have been certified as valid, exceeding the threshold of 1.49 million required to trigger a special election." That means that 23.8% of the signatures were determined to be "invalid". By extension, one has to seriously question the validity of any election results where the validity of the person submitting the ballot was not verified.

In a second story OAN reports: Arizona Audit Underway.  In this second story, it is noted that the Democrats are seeking too: "Democrat Party officials have tried to challenge the audit in court and they are deploying their operatives in the mainstream media in an attempt downplay the severity of election fraud as well as discredit Republican challenges to election security." So here we have Democrats (unlike in California) seeking to prevent the auditing (verification) of a petition (election result) because they supposedly "won".

The connection of Arizona to the California recall petition is that when the Democratic establishment wants to protect itself (when in power), it unsurprisingly wants the election results to be verified. But when the Democrats "beat" the Republicans in Arizona (and other states) it does not want the election results to be verified through an audit. The obvious implication, the Democrats must be hiding something, in terms of the 2020 Presidential election. Election fraud apparently exists leading to the Democrats "stealing" the 2020 Presidential election.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Biden and the Democrats "Win" the 2020 Election with the "BIG LIE" II

Evidence that Biden "stole" the 2020 Presidential election continues to grow.  Today, the narrative that Russians had placed bounties on US troops in Afghanistan has begun to unravel. According to Townhall: "Now the liberal Daily Beast website is offering a jaw-dropping assessment: "It was a huge election-time story that prompted cries of treason. But according to a newly disclosed assessment, Donald Trump might have been right to call it a 'hoax.'"

During the Presidential election, the Biden campaign and the complicit media incessantly broadcast that lie to the American people and demanded that the traitor Trump "do something" to respond to this vile Russian threat. How many voters may have been swayed to vote for Biden based on those lies is unknown. What is significant is that Biden (now that he has assumed the Presidency) and the complicit US intelligence community have now conveniently retracting that claim as being "unverified".

The Russian bounties story was apparently fake news all along

Surprise! The ‘Russian Bounty’ Story Hyped Up By Corrupt Media To Hurt Trump Turned Out To Be Fake News 

The Russian Bounty Story Erodes

This is one of those questionable stories amplified by the left wing media to desperately undermine Trump to prevent him from winning the Presidential election. One of many "nails" that was used by the left to manipulate the election process in favor of Biden. Now that Biden is President, the story has to be "disappeared" so that Biden won't have to respond or otherwise suffer political fallout from failing to address the fake bounties that the Biden campaign accused Trump of ignoring. Unfortunately, none of those who spread the Russian bounty lies will ever retract them and/or apologize. To bad the election can't be redone.

Other small stories that incrementally point to how the Biden campaign "stole" the election. 

Voter "Fraud" Exists

Yes, the Democrats "Stole" the 2020 Election

Biden and the Democrats "Win" the 2020 Election with the "BIG LIE"

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Biden "Reaps What He Sows", a Looming Foreign Policy Disaster

The Democrats, including Biden, for the 2020 Presidential election ran on a campaign of "social justice" and "systematic racism", and a "declaration of war" against supposed domestic terrorism promulgated by some undefined "White Supremacist" organizations. At his inauguration speech, Biden continued down the path of reiterating the lies that the US is infected by "systematic racism" that calls out for"social justice". In making those statements and supported by certain Executive Orders, Biden has implemented a government sponsored crusade for "social justice". The hatred (cultural suicide) that the Democrats have unleashed towards the United States by claiming that our society is plagued by "systematic racism" and that we are under a threat of of a coup by imaginary "White Supremacists" that must be expunged has now affected how foreign countries, specifically China, perceive the United States. The perception is that the US is no longer a country upholding traditional values, but a country infected by rampant
"systematic racism" that is destroying traditional values.

To step back for a moment, Biden campaigned on a policy of restoring US normalcy, honor, rationality, and integrity on the world stage after Trump's alleged chaotic America First policies. 'Diplomacy is back': Biden promises to restore ties with allies in dramatic foreign policy shift. According to the article: "In his first major foreign policy address as president, Biden said that defending freedom, championing opportunity, upholding universal rights and respecting the rule of law are “the grounding wire of our global power” and give the U.S. “an abiding advantage” on the world stage."" It appears that Biden, starting on March 14, 2021, created a flurry of foreign policy gaffes that belay any claim that Biden even knows what he is doing on the world stage.

As a preliminary to getting to my main point, Biden recently called Putin a "killer", thereby aggravating Russian. Russia reacts angrily after Biden calls Putin a 'killer'. Whether you consider Putin to be a "killer" or not, is not the point. Biden has made an "unforced error" that is resulting in increased international tension. Recently, the fake NATO ally of the US, Turkey's President, Tayyip Erdogan came out in support of Putin. Choosing sides: Turkey joins Russia in condemning Biden's 'killer' comment. Another negative point against the US. Also recall that Biden's cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline aggravated Justin Trudeau. It also appears that Biden's immigration policies were not received well by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Now it is still early in the Biden Administration, but he was previously the vice-President of the US and was also a US Senator for many years, so there is little excuse for creating these little aggravating incidents leading to increased unnecessary international tensions.

My main point revolves the recent China/US meeting in Anchorage, AK. US and China spar at outset of first meeting in Alaska. That meeting did not go well. China uses Black Lives Matter to embarrass Biden Administration. The Chinese just publicly exposed, on the international stage, the deep hypocrisy of the Democratic mantra, supported by Biden, that the US is a racist, corrupt, country, needing to combat alleged domestic terrorism (White Supremacy). Please note, this is not a defense of China, what it demonstrates is that the Chinese are regurgitating the vile Democratic racist mantra back at the US. Biden is not restoring US normalcy, rationality, and US integrity to the world stage. Consequently, you may soon begin to hear other world leaders such as North Korea's, Kim Jong-un and Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei start spewing the Democrat's vile racist mantra at the US. The Democrats may well have been successful in the US for creating the "cancel culture" and spreading hate, but the Democrats should have thought of the consequence that would create on the world stage. For all of Biden's years as one of our supposed top moderate rationale "leaders" (sarcasm) Biden appears blindly driving down a road that will lead to increased international tensions. 

Bellow are several opinion video clips analyzing the travesty of the Chinese being able to throw the issues of human rights abuses and systematic racism back at the US.

Tucker: Beijing using Black Lives Matter as a weapon against us

Maria Bartiromo: China is using 'progressive, woke' words against us

Arroyo: China weaponizes critical race theory against US

Voter "Fraud" Exists

In my prior post I wrote: Yes, the Democrats "Stole" the 2020 Election. Since then some an interesting statistic has emerged that would give credence to the belief that elections results can't really be trusted without voter integrity protections. So was Biden legitimately elected?

The effort to recall Governor Newsom is underway in California and can serve as a discussion point concerning the legitimacy of Biden's claim "win". That recall effort requires that people sign a petition, or for the sake of this post a "ballot". The California Secretary of State just released a document (Cumulative Statewide Summary as of 03/11/21) that shows that 18.33% of the signatures are invalid, or to use another politically charged word: "fraudulent". (As an aside, Democrats have forwarded HR-1 to the Senate to remove voter integrity requirements. Additionally, signature verification for a Newsom recall (state level) is considered appropriate but was not for a Presidential election (national level).)

Given that 18.33% of the signatures have been determined to be invalid, by extension one can project that this error rate could also apply to a normal election and to other states. The Democrats have been extremely aggressive in demanding that signature verification requirements be eliminated. That creates an opportunity for fraud. If 18.33% of the voters can't be verified as legitimate, can an election be considered valid, especially if it is close? From memory, voter integrity was a major concern with the elections in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Or in any state were unsolicited mail-in ballots were mass-mailed to every address. When 18.33% of the vote (in one state) can't be verified and the Democrats obstruct verification, Biden's supposed "win" is very suspect.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Yes, the Democrats "Stole" the 2020 Election

The Democrats have contended that that stories promulgated by Republicans that there was election fraud which resulted in the Republicans losing the 2020 election were bogus. Well, it seems that the Republicans have a case for claiming that the Democrats, through their allies the liberal news media and big tech, did commit election "fraud". Maybe not in the usual overt-way that fraud is usually perceived.

The Washington Post just "corrected" a story that they published in early January 2021 that (falsely) asserted that Trump made nasty and threatening remarks towards Georgia election officials.  This false story could have cost the Republican senators their reelection bid and given the election to Democrats.  Additionally, it lead to the unjustified Kangaroo Court impeachment of Trump by the Democrats.

Joe Concha slams WaPo error: Another misleading story 'gobbled up' by anti-Trump media 

Greg Gutfeld blasts WaPo's 'deep-fake news' after massive retraction in Trump-Georgia reporting

Joe Concha notes that these false "hand-grenade" stories, just before an election can have devastating impacts. But that the eventual retraction, after the fact, is essentially meaningless since the desired negative damage has already been inflicted. The Republicans lost and there is no recourse. Joe Concha starting at approximately the 1:50 minute mark, observes how the two Republican senators running for reelection in Georgia may have lost the Georgia election because of the anti-Trump media's incessant lying concerning Trump. The two Republican senators lost their re-election bid, which has given the Democrats control of the US Senate. Now that the truth is emerging, it is too late to fix this through an election do-over.

Other false stories successfully pushed by the Democrats, the anti-Trump media, and big-tech included assertions that Trump was doing nothing to combat Covid-19 despite the fact that his administration initiated the process for developing several Covid-19 vaccines and implementing the vaccines distribution process. (One of Biden's numerous lies in his Covid-19 speech (march 12, 2021) was that it was his administration implementing vaccine distribution.) The suppression of the Hunter Biden scandal: Hunter Biden Alleged Corruption Publicly Revealed - Disclosure Suppressed. The take-down of Parler under the false premises of "false information" and "hate speech" to suppress conservative free-speech. Game Stop, Robinhood, Reddit, and Fake News

Particularly troubling with the Parler take-down was that it was an "attack" in an instantaneous and coordinated effort by a "gang" of tech companies to keep Parler off the internet. It would seem that if a cabal of companies collude to prevent one company from doing something that that raises conspiracy concerns, one of them being anti-trust. Another, that they were conducting an underhanded gorilla war operation against the Trump campaign to "steal" the election.

Currently, a hot topic, Biden has opened the border to unimpeded illegal immigration. Children are being put in "cages". Biden's Neanderthal Thinking Enabling Child Abuse at the US Southern Border. Yet the media successfully painted Trump as being inhumane for his immigration policies. So far those media outlets condemning Trump's immigration policies have not been silent on Biden's abuse of children.

Two side stories to add. One is a video by Mike Lindell: Absolute Proof, and the other by Peter Navarro: Navarro Report. Both offer some tantalizing evidence of traditional fraud. Unfortunately, it seems that the anti-Trump crowd had sufficient legal clout to squash any investigation into whether any traditional fraud (actual manipulation of the voting results) had actually occurred. 

Laura Ingraham had an interesting analysis supporting election manipulation based on a Time Magazine story: Ingraham: Big Tech, Big Business and BLM exposed as 'unholy trinity' behind Biden win.

Of course, no one story by itself can be designated as proof of election "fraud", but one can see that if each individual story is added to the fraud tally that there was "fraud" in the sense that the gullible public was manipulated into believing a false narrative thereby electing Biden.